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New TLDs debut; Refresh Web addresses NOW

by | Oct 17, 2013 | Internet issues | 0 comments

Many of my communications during 2013 focused on the new Top Level Domains (TLDs) that are just starting to appear publicly. While I understand that you may be skeptical and taking a wait-and and-see approach, please consider:

1. An interesting article, Call to Action: Prepare for New gTLDs

2. I saw the first television commercial for the new TLDs. Check it out at 1and1.com.  If I haven’t successfully conveyed the marketing opportunities these new TLDs offer, this presentation will help.

3. You can preregister for new domains, though ultimately the new TLD owner may restrict registrants, or charge outrageous fees to register these special domains. But just in case, I have preregistered for maryshapiro.law, maryshapiro.lawyer, maryshapiro.legal, and maryshapiro.attorney. No money down, no obligation to buy.

Check out the top ranked new TLDs, based on preregistrations: I encourage you to consider the many ways you can make use of the new domains. You can browse groupings of new TLDs, such as business, entertainment, geographic, professional services, real estate, retail, ecommerce, community, web and technology, among other categories on sites such as

www.uniteddomains.com and

This may be the your best opportunity to migrate to a shorter, more meaningful, or more memorable domain name, especially IF:.

1. You had to register a domain other than a .com domain, e.g., you could only register COMPANYNAME.NET, COMPANYNAME.BIZ

2. You had to add a generic term to distinguish your domain from another .com domain, e.g., COMPANYNAMELLC.COM or THECOMPANYNAME.COM, COMPANYNAMEONLINE.COM

3. Your business is aligned with any of the vertical channels (.shop, .online, .app, .med, .secure, .mobile, .network, .health, .camera, etc.) supported and promoted by the new TLDs. There may be marketing benefits, especially improved search-engine ranking, associated with the new TLDs.

The field is wide open now. If a new, more descriptive domain would serve you, now is the time

–M. L. Shapiro