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Build Value in Your Intellectual Property



Trademark law is one of the intellectual property services that Evoke Law offers. Evoke Law helps public companies and startups expand their brands globally—by registering their brands and enforcing their intellectual property rights. The firm encourages clients to carefully view each decision from the vantage point of their overall marketing strategies and business objectives, as well as the company’s risk tolerance. When you register your trademarks and trade dress, you establish broader rights that are critically important in disputes and in a court of law.

Evoke Law’s range of trademark services:

  • Clearance: U.S. and international trademark clearance — render counseling and written opinions on the availability, registrability, and enforceability of a proposed mark
  • Registration: Create and file application with United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)
  • Prosecution: Guide an application through the USPTO
  • Maintenance: Keep a registration active by attending to renewal deadlines
  • Enforcement: Ward off any infringement to maintain your exclusive ownership of a mark
  • Dispute Resolution: Defend against challenges of infringement, with the goal of avoiding litigation
  • Licensing: Authorize others to use and compensate you for using your mark per your quality guidelines
  • Administrative proceedings: Initiating or defending oppositions and cancellation before the Trademark Trial and Appeals Board (TTAB)
  • International: Advise about protecting your brand internationally; Madrid Protocol to minimizes costs
  • Selection: Counsel on choosing strong marks
  • Use: Guide proper use of your trademarks and the treatment of marks of others.


Copyright Law is another one of the intellectual property services that Shapiro Law offers. Shapiro Law advises on a range of copyright issues – to protect and exploit the value of your copyrighted materials. You own the copyright in the expression of your literary, music, art, and multimedia from the moment you create them and put the work into a fixed medium. But if you intend to enforce your legal rights, make sure you register that copyright.

Evoke Law can assist you with U.S. copyright registration, licensing, and dispute resolution.

  • Registration: Draft and file application with United States Copyright Office; or guide you on how to file applications — customized to your company – for procuring registrations
  • Enforcement: Address infringers to protect the value of a work
  • Dispute Resolution: Defend against challenges of infringements, with the goal of avoiding litigation
  • Licensing: Authorize others to use and compensate you for the value of your work
  • Permissions: Secure agreements from others to use their copyrighted materials
  • Fair use: Guidance on the use of others’ copyrighted materials
  • Ownership: Draft agreements to protect and clarify ownership
  • Notice: Information on proper copyright notice


Trademark and copyright law on the internet is another one of the intellectual property services that Evoke Law offers. The Internet makes intellectual property theft all too easy. Trademark and copyright laws intersect with the Web in ways you might not expect.

Contact Evoke Law for assistance in domain name acquisition strategy, enforcement, using social media and related Internet issues.

  • Acquisition: Assistance securing already registered domains
  • New gTLDs: Advice on the new range of top-level domains being introduced in 2013
  • Enforcement: File and prosecute administrative proceedings to secure domain names, namely UDRP and URS (new proceeding for gTLD domains)
  • Social media: Counseling on the intersection of trademark and copyright law on social media, clearance for social media
  • Keywords: Advise on issues related to registering or challenging Internet keywords, such as Google® AdWords
  • Internet Policies: Draft and advise on terms of service, privacy policies, and DMCA takedown procedures