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Copyright registration is vital to protecting creative works. While an author owns the copyright in the expression of a literary, music, art, and multimedia work from the moment created and put it into a fixed medium, registration is a pre-requisite to enforcing those rights. Evoke Law advises on a wide range of copyright issues to protect and exploit the value of your copyrights.

Evoke Law can assist you with U.S. copyright registration, licensing, and dispute resolution.

  • Registration: Drafting and filing applications with United States Copyright Office; or guiding you on how to file applications to secure registrations
  • Enforcement: Challenging infringement to protect the value of a work
  • Dispute Resolution: Defending against challenges of infringements, with the goal of avoiding litigation, unless absolutely necessary to achieve your goals
  • Licensing: Authorizing others to use and compensate you for using your work
  • Permissions: Securing agreement from others to use their copyrighted materials
  • Fair Use: Guiding you on the use of others’ copyrighted materials
  • Ownership: Drafting agreements to protect and clarify ownership, e.g., work made for hire
  • Notice: Guiding you as to proper notice of your marks and the treatment of copyrights of others.